Did you know that we offer boarding for all of your exotic pets while you are away?

We offer species specific care for each individual pet that comes in so that you can be confident that your pet is getting exactly the type of care they need. This includes species specific enclosures, diets, and enrichment. We provide daily pellets, veggies, and fruits for your pet daily along with daily health checks.

Each pet that arrives receives a health assessment by one of our skilled veterinarians to ensure the health and well-being of your pet before they are put in their enclosure.

Every owner will have an experienced pet care assistant to walk them through and gather information for each individual pet to ensure that their stay is comfortable and enriching. We provide a boarder check-in sheet and estimates ahead of time to help make the boarding check-in process go smoothly.

  • What to expect while your pet is here:
  • Daily weights
  • Administering medication (if needed)
  • Fresh food and water daily
  • Checks by the Pet Care team each morning and evening;
  • Species specific enrichment (if requested)
  • Daily interaction with a pet care assistant and your pet (playtime if requested)
  • Veterinarians and technicians available if any questions or concerns arise