If your bird is sick or recovering from illness, injury or surgery, it may be necessary to hospitalize him during recovery to provide the necessary supportive care. While hospitalization is ideal, if it is impossible for you to keep you bird in the hospital, you can help her recover at home by setting up a “hospital cage” in your home. It is important for sick birds to be kept warm and quiet. If your bird’s cage is very large, you may need to use a transport cage or brooder to help limit his activity. We recommend removing perches from the cage and placing food and water dishes where they are accessible on the floor of the cage. A heating pad placed on the lowest setting may be used to provide additional warmth. Place a towel on top of the heating pad, and place the birds’ cage on top, half-on and half-off of the heating pad. You may need to place a sheet or towel over part of the cage to help keep the heat inside. Monitor carefully to make sure your bird is not getting too hot. Birds that are overheated may pant, breathe with the beak open, or hold their wings away from the body. As your pet recovers and gets stronger, you can return her to her regular cage and activity level. Always stay in touch with the veterinarian and report any behavior or changes in your bird that concern you!