One batch of this recipe will yield approximately 750 g of food. The final product can be stored frozen or refrigerated. This diet is intended for koi and goldfish; however it will work as well for many other species. Always consult a veterinarian who has experience treating fish prior to instituting therapy.

  1. Weigh 125 grams (or 4 oz.) of dry flake or pelleted food and place in a blender. Add 250 ml of clean water and blend well.
  2. To the above mixture add 1 can of sardines (in oil) and half of a jar of spinach baby food. Blend well.
  3. Add medication as directed by your veterinarian
  4. In a separate container heat 250 ml of clean water to near boiling and add two packets (7 grams each) of Knox gelatin (unflavored), and stir well. Allow gelatin mixture to cool for 10 minutes.
  5. Add food /medication mixture to the gelatin mixture.
  6. Stir mixture and pour into small zipper bags or ice cube trays to make feeding easier. Place in refrigerator
  7. Allow a few hours for the food to set before feeding.
  8. Feed as sole diet for 14-21 days.