Our practice does its best to help native wildlife, however we lack the resources to care for all of the animals we are asked to help.

As a courtesy to our clients, we will accept wildlife cases on a space-available basis. Wildlife will be treated for our regular physical examination charge. Additional payment towards the care for wildlife is welcome. Avian and Exotic Animal Care is a for-profit organization, therefore contributions towards the care of wildlife are not tax deductible. All wildlife turned over to the hospital becomes the responsibility of the hospital. Animals are turned over to licensed rehabilitators following recovery. They cannot be returned to unlicensed presenters.

  • NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine Turtle Rescue Team Raleigh, student-run, volunteer, wild turtles919-982-5923
  • American Wildlife Refuge Raleigh, volunteer, birds of prey www.americanwildliferefuge.org
  • Creative Learning About Wildlife Species Carroboro, volunteer, all species of wildlife www.nc-claws.org